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Hi, I'm Aric!

(Eric with an A)

I am a storyteller who enjoys mixing and matching various skill sets to enhance the scale and scope of all projects I participate in with a keen focus on time and cost. What does this mean? With the rapid evolution of various film making techniques and tools filmmakers of today must be an all around active participant in front and behind the camera to help keep practical costs and time at an appropriate scale. So, I produce, I write, I direct, I edit, I light, I operate, and usually I eat everything and anything before craft services wraps up and make their way to the dumpsters... I have a problem.

My aim is simple. I want to make the process of collaborating and creating just as good as the final product. I represent and collaborate with a diverse roster of award winning artists and technicians who share that same goal.


Past collaborations include Penguin Books, The PGA, The Onion, Coca-Cola, The Huffington Post, Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, Bloom School of Jazz, Monthlys, Inc., CRFC, The Cook County Bar Association, Unite4:Good, FCB Chicago, Lord & Thomas, Iconoclast Films, SFC Productions, DePaul University, The University of Chicago, TMIP and The Buffalo Jump.

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